I collected many documents that allow me to write the third chapter of the book Les Sarcophages technologiques. They will also be a   basis for a series of visual works, other writings and the realisation of the artist's book La couverture immatérielle.

Together with Cécile Andrieu, I met the potter Sué de Namie and the artist Shuji Akagi in Fukushima. With this latter we took pictures of the radioactive disposal sites in the towns of Date-shi and Oguni. With Hochi San, visit of the school in Aobay, the refugee zones in the region of Minamisoma, the devastated beach in Haramachi, the contaminated village of Odaka Ku. In Tokyo, meeting with Mr Nishida, Director at the Mext. On May 22nd, we drove along the red road along the nuclear plant while going to Kawamata.

                                                                                          "The red road", Fukushima Daiichi, 22 May 2015